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100+ Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics For Students

100+ Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics For Students [2024]

Examining the persuasive techniques used by writers and speakers to influence their audience is one of the main requirements for academic writing, known as the rhetorical analysis essay. The art of persuasion is examined in these challenges, along with the complex interactions between language, structure, and rhetorical devices that affect effect and meaning. The fundamentals of rhetorical analysis will be covered, together with advice on writing an effective rhetorical essay and a list of over 100 fascinating topics that our essay help professionals have put together for you to think about. This extensive handbook goes into great depth about everything. No matter what course you take, we want to get you started on the road to rhetorical analysis with the appropriate materials and stimulation to your imagination for either classical or modern discourse analysis, or literature and history studies.

What is a Rhetorical Analysis Essay? Hear from Our Assignment Help Professionals

Rhetorical analysis essays dive deeply into the rhetorical strategies that speakers and writers utilize to express their thoughts effectively. While writing rhetorical analysis essays, students must address the ethos, pathos, and logos of the intended audience. This is opposed to other forms of essay which are mostly meant for summarizing or criticizing their content as stated by experts from our essay help online.

These essays are an effort to understand the intricate language, and structure of rhetoric including pathos, ethos and logos used by writers to persuade the audience’s opinion or sentences. The essential goal of rhetorical analysis is to solve the question – how does the speaker/writer use language/persuasion to achieve their purpose? Students can understand the significance of rhetoric in this text through a narrowed-down observation of things such as organization, imagery, and tone among others which will consequently enlighten them on the issue of persuasion.

Crafting a Rhetorical Essay: Step-by-Step Guide by Assignment Writing Services Australia

When asked to write an essay on rhetorical analysis, one has to carefully read through a speech or written work and afterward, evaluate the persuasive strategies used. Here is a detailed guide explaining how to complete this procedure step-by-step:

Understanding the Prompt

Before beginning any writing, make sure you have thoroughly read and comprehended the rhetorical analysis essay prompt. Find out the topic of the analysis and whether your lecturer has provided any extra instructions or directions.

Close Reading

Pay great attention to the text or speech you are analyzing. Note the key ideas, evidence, and rhetorical devices the author uses to support their positions. If you need support, get in contact with our pros for assignment help.

Recognizing Rhetorical Elements

By examining the text itself, you may identify rhetorical devices like ethos, pathos, logos, imagery, tone, and figurative language. Note how each of these components affects the argument’s overall potency.

Thesis Statement

Come up with a clear thesis statement summarizing the main ideas of your rhetorical analysis. Describe how the author persuades and impacts his or her readers in that thesis.

Organizing Your Essay

Make sure your essay flows logically by organizing its structure. A rhetorical analysis essay typically contains three body paragraphs together with a conclusion as well as an introduction with one of the discussed paragraphs discussing another rhetorical strategy or method. Additionally, our experts at Assignment Writing Services Australia also help students in structuring their essays.

Composing the Introduction

In text or speech, provide a brief background, then take a stand: either by warranting or refuting some argument; and right from here start writing that captivating introduction.” Capture the interest of your audience by stating briefly the devices of rhetoric you are going to analyze.

Body Texts

Examine rhetorical tactics in detail as well as how well they persuade the audience in the body paragraphs. To bolster your analysis and offer proof for your assertions, use particular instances from the text.

Examining Rhetorical Techniques

Every body paragraph should analyze a distinct rhetorical technique or tactic used by the author. As per our assignment help experts, talk about how each device affects the audience and advances the author’s goal of persuasion.


Recognize and respond to any rebuttals or other readings of the passage. It shows critical thinking and enhances your analysis to anticipate and rebut arguments.


A conclusion that simply repeats the arguments from the past and then gives a concise account of them must be made. The importance of the methods used by an author in persuading and their effect on the audience should not be forgotten. It should be completed with a phrase that creates a new perspective on the essay’s topic.

100+ Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics Suggested by Assignment Help Specialists

Students can read multiple texts, speeches, and visual media forms for a deeper understanding of persuasive strategies and their effect on the audience in rhetorical analysis essays. Below you will find more than 100 topics on which you can write your next essay.

Political Speeches

  1. The inauguration address of Barack Obama
  2. Campaign speeches by Donald Trump
  3. The “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” speech by Winston Churchill
  4. Speech by Martin Luther King Jr. entitled “I Have a Dream”
  5. Greta Thunberg’s talks on climate change
  6. The Surrender Speech given by Hillary Clinton
  7. The “Tear Down This Wall” speech by Ronald Reagan
  8. “I Am Prepared to Die” speech by Nelson Mandela
  9. The speech Malala Yousafzai gave to win her Nobel Prize
  10. The inauguration speech of John F. Kennedy

Literary Texts

  1. The soliloquies of Shakespeare in “Hamlet”
  2. The courtroom scene starring Harper Lee in “To Kill a Mockingbird”
  3. The essay “Politics and the English Language” by George Orwell
  4. Harvard University graduating speech by J.K. Rowling
  5. The collection of poems by Emily Dickinson
  6. The symbolism used by F. Scott Fitzgerald in “The Great Gatsby”
  7. Virginia Woolf’s articles on feminism
  8. “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe.
  9. Lecture on the Nobel Prize by Toni Morrison
  10. The spare prose of Ernest Hemingway

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Visual Media

  1. Analyzing a TED Talk on a contemporary issue
  2. Deconstructing a political cartoon from a major newspaper
  3. Critiquing a Super Bowl commercial
  4. Examining a viral social media post
  5. Analyzing a documentary film on social justice issues
  6. Analyzing the discourse in a classic novel adaption on screen
  7. Evaluating a public service announcement’s efficacy
  8. Dissecting a popular brand’s billboard campaign
  9. Critiquing a music video for its messaging and symbolism
  10. Analyzing the opening sequence of a popular television show

Contemporary Issues

  1. Gun control debates in America
  2. Social media’s effects on mental health
  3. Campaigns to raise awareness of climate change
  4. Parity between genders in the workplace
  5. Immigration discourse and policy
  6. The portrayal of race in mainstream media
  7. LGBTQ+ representation in popular culture
  8. The role of technology in modern education
  9. Healthcare reform discussions
  10. The discourse surrounding the reaction to the COVID-19 epidemic

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Historical Events

  1. The Civil Rights Movement speeches
  2. The Women’s Suffrage Movement rhetoric
  3. The Vietnam War protest speeches
  4. The abolitionist movement literature
  5. The American Revolution’s Rhetoric
  6. The Mahatma Gandhi talks
  7. Speeches from the Nuremberg Trials
  8. The Declaration of Independence Analysis
  9. The propaganda of World War II
  10. The rhetoric of the Cold War

Educational Topics

  1. The impact of standardized testing on education
  2. The effectiveness of online learning platforms
  3. The value of arts instruction in classrooms
  4. The argument between formal education and homeschooling
  5. The language used by campaigns for educational reform
  6. Analyzing the language of educational policy documents
  7. The role of technology in modern classrooms
  8. The rhetoric of college admissions essays
  9. The influence of socioeconomic status on educational opportunities
  10. The portrayal of teachers in popular culture

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Health and Wellness

  1. The rhetoric of anti-smoking campaigns
  2. The language used in public health announcements
  3. The debate over vaccination policies
  4. Analyzing fitness industry advertisements
  5. The rhetoric of body positivity movements
  6. Mental health awareness campaigns
  7. The portrayal of dieting and nutrition in the media
  8. The language of pharmaceutical advertisements
  9. Healthcare access and affordability discussions
  10. The impact of stress on physical and mental health

Environmental Issues

  1. Climate change mitigation strategies
  2. The language of environmental activism
  3. Analyzing sustainability initiatives in corporations
  4. The rhetoric of wildlife conservation campaigns
  5. The portrayal of environmental disasters in media
  6. The debate over renewable energy sources
  7. Environmental justice advocacy rhetoric
  8. The language of environmental policy documents
  9. How deforestation affects biodiversity
  10. Climate change denialist discourse

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Social Justice and Equality

  1. Analyzing feminist literature and speeches
  2. LGBTQ+ rights advocacy rhetoric
  3. The language of racial justice movements
  4. Disability rights advocacy campaigns
  5. Analyzing Indigenous Rights Rhetoric
  6. The portrayal of immigration issues in media
  7. The rhetoric of income inequality discussions
  8. The language of intersectional feminism
  9. Analyzing human rights declaration documents
  10. The impact of social justice movements on policy

Technology and Society

  1. The Discourse about privacy issues in the digital era
  2. Examining the persuasive techniques used by social media influencers
  3. The impact of artificial intelligence on employment
  4. The language used in cybersecurity awareness initiatives
  5. Examining the corporate social responsibility rhetoric of IT giants
  6. The language of technology ethics discussions
  7. The portrayal of technology addiction in media
  8. The rhetoric of digital activism movements
  9. The debate over net neutrality policies
  10. Examining the terminology used in tech startup proposals

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Ethical Dilemmas

  1. Analyzing the ethics of animal testing
  2. The rhetoric of physician-assisted suicide debates
  3. Ethical considerations in genetic engineering discussions
  4. The way moral quandaries are portrayed in books and films
  5. Examining the terminology used in reports on corporate social responsibility
  6. The morality of surveillance and data mining
  7. The rhetoric of climate change skepticism
  8. Ethical considerations in international humanitarian aid
  9. The portrayal of ethical leadership in media
  10. Analyzing the language of ethical codes in professions

To sum up, the wide range of themes for rhetorical analysis essays that are provided here gives students lots of chances to investigate and evaluate persuasive strategies in a variety of settings. Every subject offers a different perspective through which students may refine their analytical abilities and broaden their comprehension of persuasive communication, from political speeches to moral quandaries. Whether exploring current affairs, literary works, or historical occurrences, these subjects stimulate critical thought and perceptive conversation. Remember that our experienced assignment help services are here to support you at every stage of your rhetorical analysis journey, so you can approach these challenging subjects with assurance and competence.

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