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Meet the Length Requirement without Compromising Quality

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Meet the Length Requirement without Compromising Quality

You have been given an academic assignment with a strict word count, and then you realize that you don’t have enough words to fill the required space. Students in college often find themselves in this situation for several reasons, such as when they are given an assignment with a strict word count and then realize they don’t have enough text to fill the required space. College students often find themselves in this kind of situation for several reasons, some of which are.

  • You might have missed the class where the topic was discussed, which is a must and can help you write your assignment.
  • It’s possible that you didn’t care about the coursework.
  • You were given a topic with very few facts and information that you can trust.

When any of the above things happen, you think, “I can’t do that.” I can’t make my assignment longer. Is there even a slight chance that I could get my work to last longer? I don’t even have enough help to do my homework?” At My Assignments Pro, you get the best assignment help in Australia. But you want to do it yourself. This guide will give you several valuable tips and tricks to help you write the required number of words.


By adding “for example” to one of your sentences, you will make your point clear and get closer to your word count.

Clear Sentences:

If adding an example doesn’t make sense, you might be able to fix the problem by making the sentence clearer. You can do this by adding one or more specific statements to the first one to make it more transparent. One way to do this is to say something and then say, “in other words…”

Use of Quotations:

You probably already have a few relevant quotes in your essay, but it never hurts to add a couple more. Finding quotes from experts in the field that back up what you’re saying is a great way to add words to your essay and make it more robust. It can also help you prove any points you’re trying to make.

Catchy words in the introduction and conclusion:

If you’ve done all of these things and you’re still short on words, try to add more to your introduction and conclusion instead of the main body of your essay. Many teachers and graders will let you get away with using more words in the introduction and conclusion than in the article’s main body. This is a simple way to get closer to your word count.

Change your style of writing:

By changing one or two words to make a sentence more formal, you will sound more professional and academic, but your word count will also go up. It can be as easy as changing “like” to “along the lines of” “in fact” to “as a matter of fact” and “twice” to “on two separate occasions.”

Cross-check the write up:

Even if you don’t have much time, having someone else read over your essay and make notes of any confusing parts can help you think of ways to rewrite parts of it.

Add transitional words and phrases:

Most of the time, people who grade essays look for traditional words like “therefore,” “even though,” and “on the other hand” to connect sentences. Read your work over again to ensure that the sentence flow is correct. Your writing will be easier to understand, but you will also be closer to your required word count.

Read loudly at the end:

When you read something loudly, you notice any grammar or sentence structure mistakes. If you then go back and rewrite these sentences, you will probably make your essay longer. You might also see that you didn’t give enough information in a particular paragraph if you read it aloud.

Summing Up:

It’s important to remember that even the things we’ve suggested aren’t the best ways to use style. Most people agree that good writing is clear, short, and to the point. In theory, every phrase and sentence in your essay should do something. If you pay attention to these things, you can improve your overall scores on final exams.

But there are times when you can’t keep this perfect style and meet your word count requirements. When you have no other choice, talk to a professional at My Assignments Pro who can give you the best assignment help in Australia offers.

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