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Are Assignment Writing Services Legal?

Are assignment writing services legal

Education systems and institutions all across the globe have become highly competitive and strict. Getting into the top universities means getting through strict and often long admission processes. Students are also expected to submit high-quality assignment papers and research papers on a regular basis after successfully getting into these universities.

Burdened by the deadlines and expectations, students often seek assistance from professional assignment writers. It doesn’t seem surprising to see the academic writing services sector gaining quick grounds across countries. But one question that is always present in a student’s mind while seeking help is whether or not assignment writing services are legal.

It‘s difficult to answer this question with a simple yes or no. Assignment writing services have many aspects and so does any particular law of a country. There have been several colleges that have filed petitions to enforce stricter laws for restricting assignment assistance.

What are the main issues?

On a closer look, this topic is rather debatable. Legislations are mostly concerned about two aspects- copyright issues and plagiarism issues. There are strict laws in the county regarding the misuse of intellectual property rights. The majority of the countries have at least one or two laws or acts dedicated to intellectual property rights.

To combat copyright issues, professional assignment writing services transfer the ownership rights of the projects and assignments to the clients. This way the student is the true owner of the assignment.

The other issue of plagiarism is addressed by the professional writers by making sure to include citations and references that are used in the study. And deliver academic content that is 100 per cent original.

These reasons make it favorable for students rather than the legislators.

However, a student should make a conscious decision while selecting an assignment writing service. Primarily because if the service provider is not trustworthy, credible and capable it can affect the assignment and work against the student.

How do you know an assignment writing service provider is worth your time?

There are several key determinants a student should consider before selecting an assignment writing service provider. These are-

  • Credibility and confidentiality

Confidentiality is very important for academic projects. The service provider should guarantee full confidentiality of the interaction, project and client. A student should ensure that the provider is trustworthy and credible.

  • Plagiarism free content

The academic content provided by the writers should be 100 per cent plagiarism free and original. Academic content should also be of high quality and specifications. We at My Assignments Pro provide premium quality, original academic content for every client. We are a credible, accountable and responsible academic writing service provider operating in Australia who strive to deliver a transparent experience for students.

  • Expert writers

The service providers should have a team of PhD holders, MBA graduates and academic experts. This will ensure that the service provider has worked in different fields and on various projects. Thus ensuring credibility.

  • Specialisation

Another thing that marks the service provider as experienced and capable is the specialisation of subjects or disciplines. The broader umbrella the service provider has for these subjects, the more experienced and trustworthy they will be. However, If the service provider caters to only one section and has industry experts on their team, it doesn’t mean they are fraudulent. My Assignments Pro have experts from various fields such as nursing, law, engineering, accountancy, economics, statistics etc. If you are looking out for a credible assignment writing service make sure to visit our website.

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